Welding Helmets

A top priority in welding personal protective equipment (PPE) is high quality eye protection. Welding helmets in the United States must meet ANSI standards. General standards ensure that the helmet lens protects the welder from anything dangerous to the eyes and face.

There are two general styles of welding helmets: passive and auto-darkening variable shade. A passive helmet has a darkly tinted lens that will not lighten. An auto-darkening unit changes shade depending on the when the weld arc is struck.

How to select the right welding helmet for the job? Tulsa Welding School offers a great article on selecting a helmet that is both comfortable and safe. Here's the full article. Included in this article on helmet selection is helmet weight, lens selection, type of job, comfort and finances. That's why it is important to stop by one of our local shops and try on a helmet.

AllGas carries conventional welding helmets from Fibre Metal, Jackson and Huntsman remain popular. We keep a large selection of welding helmets in stock. Visit one of our locations and try on the helmets before buying. Our selection includes helmets from Speedglas, Lincoln, Weldmark, Miller, ESAB and Jackson auto-charge helmets. They come in a variety of lens sizes, colors and prices.

We stock replacement lenses and parts for these helmets.


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