Dry Ice Blasting

Zero Waste Cleaning with Dry Ice

AllGas announces the availability of dry ice blasting equipment for rent at our New Hampton location! Contaminant blasting with dry ice is an efficient, safe way to clean. We also manufacture dry ice at New Hampton & Monticello, making us your one stop shop for dry ice cleaning supplies!

Dry ice blasting is used in a wide variety of applications from heavy residue removal to delicate circuit board cleaning. This is a process that can be used without damaging equipment or requiring a machine “teardown”. Unlike conventional toxic chemicals, high pressure water blasting and abrasive grit blasting, CO2 blasting uses dry ice particles in a high velocity air flow to remove contaminants from surfaces without the added costs and inconvenience of secondary waste treatment and disposal.

What is dry ice blasting?

Dry ice (carbon dioxide) cleaning is like sand blasting where a material is sent through a pressurized air stream to impact the surface to be cleaned.

AllGas Dry Ice Blaster leaves no residual waste.

Why would I use dry ice instead of a traditional blast media?

Most other blast media leaves auxiliary waste behind. Dry ice vaporizes upon impact with the surface. All that remains is the contaminant. Also, dry ice vaporizes on impact, enabling this to be used to clean complicated areas where grit media will remain. Here’s a few other benefits of dry ice cleaning:

  • Reduce downtime – quicker process;
  • Non-Abrasive – will not hurt substrates;
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Conductive – eliminates the need for chemicals; and
  • No Secondary Waste – Dry ice evaporates, there is no residual waste.

Who uses dry ice cleaning?

The power of dry ice cleaning lends itself to a diverse list of industries. See how these industries are utilizing this innovation to maximize operations.

AllGas is currently working with a large brewery in Newburgh providing “fresh” dry ice for their cleaning applications. Fresh dry ice is harder in composition than ice that is shipped into locations and works better. Take a look below at some before & after photos:

For additional information on renting a dry ice blaster or purchasing dry ice contact us at 800-380-1427 or complete the form below.