Welding Basics for Beginners - How to get started

Whenever looking for information on welding, it's always a good idea to start with the equipment manufacturers. Many, like Miller Welding, are a great resource for how to videos, blog posts and podcasts. The following is a beginners guide to welding from Miller Welding and the Arc Academy.

Enjoy this Welding Basics for Beginners video.

If you are a new or beginner welder, watch this video to learn about the three most common welding processes — MIG, stick and TIG — including the advantages and disadvantages of each, when it’s best to use each and what material can be used.

Welding is the liquefaction of base metals with heat to fuse them together. There are three basic elements: heat source, filler metal and the shielding gas or flux. The three most common types of welding processes are MIG, stick and TIG. MIG welding is the most common type of welding and it is easier to learn, much cleaner than stick welding and can be used on a variety of material thicknesses. Stick welding is a flux process, so is better suited for outdoor use and with thicker or dirty materials. TIG welding provides the highest quality weld, both cleaner and more esthetically pleasing.

Chapters: 0:00 Intro to welding basics 0:17 What is welding? 0:47 What is MIG welding? 1:15 What is stick welding? 1:59 What is TIG welding? 2:47 What type of welder should you buy? 3:20 What metals should you use with each welder?


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