Graffiti Removal with Dry Ice from AllGas

Graffiti Removal with Dry Ice

Many building owners have struggled with how to remove graffiti, and often simply resort to painting over it. In the past, the only other option was to sand or soda blast the graffiti, but that can result in damage to the building as well as extensive clean-up. Many building owners, especially those owning historical buildings, have decided to turn to the use of dry ice blasting when removing graffiti. Dry ice blasting is time efficient and effective when removing graffiti from almost any surface, and it causes little to no harm to the existing building.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for Graffiti Removal:

  • One-Pass Cleaning – Unlike sand blasting & power washing, dry ice blasting only needs one sweep of the wand to clean the area. A real time and labor saver!
  • No Clean-up – Dry ice sublimates, meaning it dissolves into a gas upon contact. All that is left is minimal paint clean up.
  • No Odor & No Hazmat Issues – You are not using harsh chemical, so there is no smell. This means there’s also no harmful residue.
  • Doesn’t Harm Structural Integrity – This is a relatively gentle process that can be used on a variety of architectural structures. Especially useful in removing graffiti from historical artifacts and brick.

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