Dry Ice and Dry Ice Blasting from AllGas

AllGas is the premier manufacturer of dry ice in the area. Made to order in Monticello & New Hampton (Goshen) and in storage at our Newton location, we offer dry ice as 3/8″ pellets and 1/8″ rice.

Dry ice is made from solidified carbon dioxide (COs). Called "dry" because when it sublimates (goes from a solid to a gas) it doesn’t leave any moisture behind. That’s not the only difference between regular ice and dry ice. Dry ice is exceptionally cold – it sublimates at -109° F – that’s cold! It also lasts long which makes it the perfect "ice" for portable coolers.

Dry ice is used in a variety of commercial & residential applications. It is used in:

  • Industrial dry ice blast cleaning
  • Shipping frozen food & medical products
  • Travel & camping refrigerators and coolers
  • Special effects fog
  • Power outages
  • Science & school projects

A relatively new addition to our dry ice manufacturing is the rental of dry ice blasting equipment. Dry ice cleaning is like sand blasting except for no secondary waste. The dry ice evaporates leaving less clean up. It also is non-abrasive and non-toxic.

Dry ice cleaning/blasting is used in a diverse list of industries. From automotive to graffiti removal, it is the preferred method for high pressure cleaning.

For additional information on renting a dry ice blaster or purchasing dry ice, contact us at 800-380-1427 or complete the form below.


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