Helium Balloon Chart

Balloons – How big of a helium tank do I need?

We get asked all the time - "How much helium do I need to fill up XX of balloons." The answer depends on several factors, including the size of the balloons. Read more.

Wedding, bridal or baby shower, maybe an anniversary or birthday party? If you’re searching all over for helium, give one of our AllGas stores a call. We carry several different size helium tanks that you can’t buy in a big box store. 

Before you rent a helium tank, you need to know how many balloons you need or want. Balloon size also plays a part because different size balloons hold different cubic feet of gas. See the chart below.

For example a 10″ balloon, properly inflated, holds .30 cu. ft. of helium. Say you were using the balloons as centerpieces and wanted to fill 100 10″ balloons. Here’s the math: .3 cu ft X 100 balloons = 30 cu ft of helium. We rent a 40 cu ft tank that would work perfectly.

Give our Monticello office a call today at 845-791-9500.


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