Helium Balloon Chart

Balloons – How big of a helium tank do I need?

Wedding, bridal or baby shower, maybe an anniversary or birthday party? If you’re searching all over for helium, give one of our AllGas stores a call. We carry several different size helium tanks that you can’t buy in a big box store. 

Before you rent a helium tank, you need to know how many balloons you need or want. Balloon size also plays a part because different size balloons hold different cubic feet of gas. See the chart below.

For example a 10″ balloon, properly inflated, holds .30 cu. ft. of helium. Say you were using the balloons as centerpieces and wanted to fill 100 10″ balloons. Here’s the math: .3 cu ft X 100 balloons = 30 cu ft of helium. We rent a 40 cu ft tank that would work perfectly.

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