Safety Equipment


A diverse selection of welding apparel and safety gear is stocked in all of our stores. From flame retardant clothing to "leathers" to MIG glove, TIG glove, or work gloves, our selction of products from manufacturers like Steiner, Tillman, Revco or Weldmark is sure to meet your needs.

Auto-change helmets from Speedglass, Lincoln and Jackson are always in stock.

Conventional welding helmets, lens, magnifiers, safety glasses, sun glasses and welding goggles from Jackson, Fibre Metal, Huntsman, Lincoln, Pearson and others, provide a wide selection to choose from.

If we don't stock it, we can get it quickly. Our Industrial Supply partners OKI-Bearing and ORS Nasco stock thousands of Industrial, Welding and Safety Supplies in warehouses all over the country.

We'll go out of our way to find anything you are looking for and get it to you quickly.

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